Is your kitchen too small? Do you want to expand your living room? Get a home extension in Twickenham from Corel Builders and add more space to any room in your property. Reconstruct a certain area. Or create a wholly new one. Choose from a vast assortment of home remodelling and extension options. Which will give you all the additional space you’re in need of.

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Why Trust Corel Builders for Your Home Extension in Twickenham?

With their wealth of experience and professional expertise in transforming homes, Corel Builders‘ experts can realise any plans you might have. Creating your house extension in Twickenham is not just about enlarging your living area, after all. It’s about improving your lifestyle by giving you the comfortable and functional space you need. Ready to be used in the way you want. You can call on our specialists to expand a certain room. To join two areas into one. To create a sunroom. To build an orangery. All while meeting any requirements you have concerning your home improvement.

Our construction specialists are fully insured and thoroughly vetted and follow all safety procedures while they work. Additionally, they are well-trained in order to apply the most modern building methods and construction techniques. They also only use the highest quality of materials. If you need any advice as to which materials and colours will best suit your needs or the style of your home, you will always have the chance to speak to an expert first in order to get it.


  • Reliance on decorating materials of the highest quality and highly efficient building equipment

  • A company with a top local reputation – we have provided home extension services to a great many residential and commercial customers in Twickenham

  • A dedicated and friendly project manager who will always be available to give you any information you need about your project

  • Fair pricing – you will pay only for the materials and labour needed for your job


You can make an appointment with one of our friendly onsite planning team between Monday and Friday from 8 am to 7 pm by calling 020 3026 9216. Your advisor will appear at the scheduled time to inspect your situation and listen to your individual needs and requirements.

They will be able to suggest several options for you to select from. After choosing the best solution for you, you can then get a quote on your work. One which will include no hidden charges.